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    Dongguan Variable Electronics Co.,Ltd was established in 2013.It's a high-tech pioneer in research,production and sales of high-precision current,voltage and power sensors/transmitters,power electronic precision measurement accesories,instruments and industrial controllers.In 2016,it was named as Guangdong Province High-Tech Enterprise.

  Currently,the domestic market of current sensor ndustry is monopolized by foreign enterprises.Our company has strong technical force in this field and strives to become a leading domestic and international well-known enterprise and brand.Based on technology and innovation,the company has gained technical advantages in all aspects of current sensors.In Hall open-loop,Hall closed-loop,fluxgate technology and other current sensors in the accuracy,product performance and reliability of the leading industry.Enhance user expericece with high precision,high performance and high reliability to create value for customers.

    Up to now,Our company has passed ISO 9001,ISO 14001,CE,China Quality Cerfification Center(CQC),and other certifications.We have established "quality policy" and "environmental policy" to convey to all employees the importance of meeting the needs of customersand regulations.We are committedto the effectiveuse of resources and energy,reducing environmental load and fulfilling corporate social responsibility.




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